فضائح ملك الاردن الفاسد عبدالله الثاني وزوجته الفاسده رانيا الياسين

فضائح ملك الاردن الفاسد عبدالله الثاني وزوجته الفاسده رانيا الياسين


صرخة أم أم صرخه لا نريدها في 15-16/7/2011

Responsible contacts for conductive hamper seriously the secret King

Responsible contacts for conductive hamper seriously the secret King
written by ouni haddadinScience after the publication of the article
Look at the bottom of the page
And producing and helped me
Access to the King and immediately
Responsible contacts for conductive hamper seriously the secret King
Won't shut up this time and as promised a week ago that I would say the precedent article series
Something wrong and erroneous large Basir said you bikodr be somebody to understand me Shaw Basir holina? Ahana Maine? They said? Welish Basir heck? Welish prompted listeners mind? Welish prompted listeners inspired? We all say we love, love the King o Shaw Basir? Am I smart or stupid or ignorant? Tanash dine recover!!!!!!!!!!!! Will wait another week and if alive, say Sri publicly but I would not be too late and lived alhashmeyen Jordan lived under the leadership of King Abdullah bin Al Hussein II Bani Hashem
Awni blacksmiths and Susan bertkian Friday 11/6/2011 at midnight 13.36

This time will not shut up, I will pose any gun!! Love the motherland and love Commander home but when defending the homeland has the gun wants to cover and we wanted and wants attention and interest
You try to connect a dangerous secret and nearly three weeks in various ways to the King personally, one of which was in the Office of the Princess Basma did I find ears heard the second intelligence service away from home 200 m which was forced to return home, some 200 meters by inverse walk 5 km walk about 2 km on foot and rear a BMW car with White House after about two and a half hours instead of 5 minutes and ttbani those slow moving car and third Royal palaces in gluten, who promised to communicate within three days and fourth isolate asmaena from participating in the Youth Forum at the dead sea on the last day after installing asmaena formerly fifth and more importantly the Royal motorcade stopped trying, which stopped a motorcade and heard me with lightning speed and took my phone number and minutes later a car out of the Palace and a police patrol came after verifying my identity and for a period ranging from 10 minutes and a quarter hours, was on 11/6/2011 returned my identity and take the No. My phone was the best treatment is contrary to what I saw from some and adoni and connect up to the minute ktabeti for this topic "permission from Adobe and permission of dough" Note that the master of the country I think he saw me and I'm trying to stop the convoy question does actually ratified the Jordanian gossip that's not all up King and around it they who obstruct it or that the King when he asked the person who tried to stop the procession may told him people crazy or assumed command of Moulay
I still keep the secret of life is seriously at risk and I don't know if this letter will come or not and why?????????
Your Moulay Al-mu'azzam district
Awni blacksmiths and Susan bertkian
Almo'sisin lgrobat for Hey Jordan national on Facebook page wegrob wegrobat for atyab on Facebook and for atyab Pleuger website and recites atyab site Twitter and recites atyab on net and Luuq Beck atyab Alieu website on YouTube and recites atyab Paltalk website and many other lmhabtna sites for the Hashim Taj asiadna honored our led by your Majesty Moulay work round-the-clock Sir 0776503000

This happened to me after posting serious information to lttakdwa and there was intimidation and defamation directly to amahi or facts to take idea about me I'm crazy

This person named Tamara hagazin God you read talk
What is your opinion of this talk claiming Tamara hagazin and look at the threats from this person is?????? And look at how modern began and how it ended before and not accepted by the same method!!!!! Understanding safety
No, we won't clear the ahanatk so everyone knows who you are and sharing and govern and science work of friendship we published an article on the same day (responsible contacts for conductive hamper seriously the secret King) and subscribe to balgrobat the same day and the safety of you and I open the link above to read our risk threatening dialog is imminent we ask help from anyone with tosilna King and immediately

A letter to his Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

A letter to his Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Stop the bomb button you honest Moulay
written by ouni haddadin

I've now completed at 2.15 midnight Monday/Tuesday, 21/6/2011 writing bomb caliber retained by deaf ears did not find for conductive King enough and sansharha tonight

...Books úæäí ÚÈÏ hadadinrsalh carrying a time bomb, clock and timing of short and close to spin quickly and retain or discard is very serious and could explode at any moment and neglected have signed long neglected officials in Grand treason trap time going to control and make us turn to black predator and make blood spills and this is not in the interest of the country and homeland, not to suspend mshnkoti Bedie make history repeat itself time implemented beware ye of ya ... ... ... ...? And now ye ... ... ... ...? We our women and our children Abu Hussein and this warning from me personally and Audacity will tell of his Majesty the King unless you say ystgri and satdkhel with no care about in the person of the King because the bomb off button are honest hand by his Majesty and mystery in the hands of Yes in the secret before us and we are trying to hide!!! Beware the King and I which reputed? I citizen Jordanian Hashemite Sharif poor simple which knows only a living which she sometimes security snvkadh if you do not stop the bomb button is the gallant men and I adore Malika and his country and people and ask you to stop your visits Moulay governorate until hear Sri!!! Moulay you at risk from minorities and know know sure behind you will sit in the place chosen by others and magalsti will be with you alone will not sit with you less than an hour!!! Moulay you Abdullah II King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will be grabbing the eyes who hate people ... ... ....Webnzorna are the enemies of the homeland, the King and the history will repeat itself and Lord rhamtk because I think it's the remaining few hours of my life for the fatherland and King
Abenkm Moulay Awni íïçïíä
Awni blacksmiths and Susan bertkian
Almo'sisin lgrobat for Hey Jordan national on Facebook page wegrob wegrobat for atyab on Facebook page wegrob and Bani Hashim for a Web site and for Bani Hashim Pleuger on Twitter and for atyab website NET Luuq and recites atyab website Alliot on YouTube and for atyab Paltalk website and many other lmhabtna sites for the Hashim Taj asiadna honored our led by your Majesty Moulay 0776503000 0795583041 Jordan lived and Sheikh alhashmeyen and King lived Jordan Abu Hussein, confirmed

A letter to his Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Shriank we're Oh homeland why gowritten by ouni haddadinTribute to we are confirmed to a concrete and easily wehdabh and trees with Oman corruption greet beads
Love and redemption stands on the verge of a sink and a smart martyrs lives in the mountains of Ajloun dancer
Jerash passing barbed and easily green taking from retail dust thyme vuh and love
Alanvwan llzrkaa and his embrace of CRC beshmokh Balqa glory and the armies of Islam Supreme
Churches of Tafileh and Maan carrier Zhou steadfastness history writer authenticity and Arabism in
Wadi Musa tumor bearing bainak to Shatt al-Aqaba.
After all these compliments announced my love for precious national and Moulay Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, since a
Time and I was sitting behind computer screens with a privately endowed defenders failed to
Heaven and Earth to bear revealing secrets and charts from wanted and want to undermine the
This great edifice.
I give the employee wages, has treated us like our enmity and ruthless did find unparalleled total charge
Nile "honour and dignity" all this because I love you Oh Arden, abadoni wathmoni
They said what they said about me I didn't find myself not become outcast from the opposition and loyal to your love
Hey national.
Conscripted troops on websites to follow wasmouni wemsbat insults are mountains
It even will mute for the master of the country, Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, promises to become
Dreams of Sinbad and trained their armies had flocked only weaken my ability to love you,
Homeland whether opposition or security devices and tried to pirate my sites and they don't even know the meaning of the name you typed.
Hey Hey Arden of precious delight liver become poor and I will defend you, Oh my, national
Infants who have large mailbox dream Yes I took their milk and paid subscription price
Web invoice that even when I'm getting accused of proselytizing movements support
Vs .NET.
Hey mohga heart lost sleep at night and I discovered with you to administer for my love for you designs
Cynics was conducted neck ailments and other ya eyes become homeland
Your enemy first and I became involved with eyes walnshmiat "shame on you, Oh homeland.
After sleepless nights and seeing words that I said was I don't allow the download
National photographers ' groups I manage so prohibited which falls pray that does not fall
So do accused it offended my dignity and secretariats to safer on my kids to write wants me
Say he wanted to say "I have often heard you are a client or the charm or search
For personal interest and support of my wife Susan in the electoral process. "
Thus treated me Oh homeland and Sir became your strange though I am fond of you, come
For our security after this diminished on follow-up and monitored by us and search for others, I
Antsartm to break us and 't Nile of our love for our master homeland Abdullah II
For all those who abused us across the Web, knowing all that we do not hold
You lick of hatred or alzal, and those who sinned against them or something of us azalhm
Or we get them out of the national groups that manage wish they ylkoha to magnanimously
Issued and up from our mistakes and we paid only love for the homeland and the master of the country King Abdullah
II that we will keep our love for King Abdullah bin Al Hussein and home to newark.
Finally, I wish all rank officials and Office and locations that make the form
Formal and clear as we see it, we see clearly the objectives which we believe the objectives of the veiled and let us know
Officially and clear instead of hints that the master of the country does not want to see me and question
: Is the master knows feel as happening comments some sites
And declarations about the desire of her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, which respected the respect and appreciation
Moulay Abba Hussein and the establishment of alternative home we will stand you in any
Resolution want ya King and at what price instead of our being lost between opposition or
To lay on the Mainland and act according to your instructions and your orders, and teaches Moulay Abba
Hussein, the poor or who became poor over the years because of corruption in need
To material assistance for the payment of debt accumulation and not only starving to ask them because they
Closer to you than others because they are tkhsrohm they like you and love you Moulay Al-mu'azzam district  


شريانك نحن يا وطن لماذا تقطّعه !!!!؟؟؟؟

هذا هو حب الوطن

هذا هو الملك الإنسان عبدالله الثاني بن الحسين بني هاشم
كتب عوني عبد حدادين

تحية لأردنّا الغالي لجباله وسهوله وهضابه وأشجاره تحية تلف عمان بحبّات

المحبة والفداء لتقف على شفا الغور وأرواح الشهداء الزكية راقصة بجبال عجلون

وجرش مارّةً بإربد وسهوله الخضراء أخذةً من فوح الزعتر وتراب المفرق ومحبة

العنفوان للزرقاء والبلقاء بشموخ أهله معانقةً كرك المجد وجيوش الإسلام وأنغام

الكنائس حاملةً زهو الطفيلة ومعان بصمود التاريخ كاتبةً الأصالة والعروبة في

وادي موسى ورم أخذةً بعيناك الى شط العقبة .

بعد كل هذه التحيات أعلن حبي لوطني الغالي ومولاي عبدالله الثاني , منذ مدّه من

الزمن وأنا أجلس خلف شاشات الحاسوب مدافعاً عن حبي حاملاً سراً عجزت

السماء والأرض أن تحمله كاشفاً أسرار ومخططات من أرادوا ويريدون النيل من

هذا الصرح العظيم .

أعطي الأجير أجره لقد عاملونا أهلنا بعداوة وشراسة لم نجد لها مثيل وبلغ الإتهام

النيّل " من شرفنا وكرامتنا " كل هذا لأني أحبك يا أردن , لقد أبعدوني وأتهموني

وقالوا ما قالوا عني لم أجد نفسي الا وأصبحت منبوذاً من المعارضة والموالين لحبك

يا وطني .

جنّدوا قوّاتهم على مواقع الأنترنت لمتابعتي وأسمعوني شتائم ومسبات تعجز الجبال

الصمّاء أمامها حتى برغبة لقاء سيد البلاد عبدالله الثاني , أضحت بوعودهم وكأنها

أحلام السندباد و توافدوا جيوشاً مدربةً ما عليها الا إضعاف قدرتي أمام حبي لك يا

وطن سواء كان من المعارضة أو الأجهزة الأمنية وحاولوا قرصنة مواقعي وهم لا

يعلمون حتى معنى إسمها الذي كتبته .

يا أردن يا أغلى من فلذة كبدي أصبحت فقيراً وأنا أدافع عنك يا وطني , أطفالي

 الرضّع كبر لديهم الحلم بعلبة الحليب نعم لقد أخذت قوتهم ودفعته ثمن الإشتراك

لفاتورة النت الذي حتى فيه أتهمت أني أتلقى الدعم من حركات تبشيرية

مقابل النت .

يا مهجة قلبي فقدت النوم ليلاً وأنا أسهر معك وأكتشفت لحبي لك مخططات

الحاقدين  وكان أجري أمراض في الظهر والرقبه وغيرها يا وطن أصبحت بعيونهم

عدوك الأول وأضحيت  بعيون النشامى والنشميات  عار عليك يا وطن .

وبعد ليالي السهر ومرار الكلمات التي أسمعها أعلنت أني لا أسمح بالتنزيل على

بوستات الجروبات الوطنيّه التي أديرها حتى يقع المحظور والذي أدعو الله ان لا يقع

حتى لا أُتّهم بكرامتي و أمانتي ولكي آأمن على اطفالي وليكتب من أراد عني

ويقول من أراد أن يقول فقد سمعتها كثيراً " أني كنت عميل أو صاحب فتنة أو أبحث

عن مصلحة شخصية أو دعماً لزوجتي سوزان في العملية الإنتخابية " .

هكذا عاملوني يا وطن ويا سيدي أصبحت عنكم غريباً رغم محبتي لكم , حان

لأجهزتنا الأمنية بعد هذا أن تخف عن متابعتنا ومراقبتنا والبحث عن آخرين , لقد

أنتصرتم بكسر شوكتنا ولن تستطيعوا النيل من حبنا لسيدنا عبدالله الثاني ووطننا

الأردن .
لكل الأشخاص الذين أساءوا الينا عبر مواقع الأنترنت , ليعلم الجميع أننا لا نحمل

لكم ذرةً من الكراهية أو الزعل , والى الذين أخطأنا بحقهم أو صدر شيئاً منا أزعلهم

أو قمنا بإخراجهم من الجروبات الوطنيّه التي نديرها نتمنى عليهم أن يلقوها برحابة

صدر ويتجاوزوا عن اخطائنا فما دفعنا ذلك الا حباً للوطن ولسيد البلاد الملك عبدالله

الثاني بأن نقوم بذلك وسيبقى حبنا للملك عبدالله وللوطن حتى نفارق الدنيا .

واخيراً اتمنى من المسؤولين بكافّة رتبهم ومناصبهم ومواقعهم أن يعلنوا بشكل

رسمي وواضح كما نراه ونرى وضوح أهدافه التي نعتقد انها أهداف مبطّنه وإعلامنا

بشكل رسمي وواضح بدلا من التلميحات بأنّ سيد البلاد لا يريد رؤيتي والسؤال

هو : هل يعلم مولاي بما نشعر به وبما يحدث حولنا من تعليقات بعض المواقع

وتصريحاتها عن رغبة جلالة الملكه رانيا العبدالله والتي احترامها من احترام وتقدير

مولاي ابا الحسين ومن معها في انشاء الوطن البديل .لأننا سنقف الى جانبك بأي

قرار تريده يا جلالة الملك وبأي ثمن بدلاً من شعورنا بالضياع ما بين المعارضه او


كي نرسى على بر ونتصرّف حسب تعليماتكم وأوامركم  , وهل يعلم مولاي ابا

الحسين انّ الفقراء او الذين تحوّلوا الى فقراء خلال سنوات بسبب الفساد هم بحاجه

الى مساعدات مادّيه لتسديد تراكم الديون وليس فقط جوعاً كي تتكرّموا عليهم لأنهم

أقرب لكم من غيرهم فلا تخسروهم لأنهم يحبونك ونحبك مولاي المعظّم  

للتواصل يرجى الدخول على روابط الجروبات الوطنيّه التي نديرها
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